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Using our high-quality landscaping products to turn your landscaping ideas into reality. The professionals at R L Harvey's Service Station take pride in only supplying the best quality of landscaping products to our customers.

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Proudly delivering the finest landscaping in New Port.

R L Harvey’s Service Station was incorporated in 1978 and has stayed in the family since then. Now owned and operated by Michael Harvey and Sherry Nielsen. Over the year’s things have changed but we have always been an Irving Oil branded Service Station. We have two mechanic’s working out of our bays that can help you with all of your repairs.

You can reach us by giving us a call at 902-757-3160, email at, or facebook.

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A Wide Range of Services

Top level landscaping involves many different aspects and we do them all, from design to execution to maintenance. Our main landscaping services are to the below

Landscaping Products

If you have any questions call Mike @ 792-8068 or the office 757-3160. To place an order, call the office between 8 am – 8 pm, Monday to Sunday.

Our black mulch is the blackest in the market. The dye is organic and fireproof. We take pride in the manufacturing of our mulch. Our mulch is double ground, dyed and then cured to maintain the integrity of the color. The mulch is courser and stands up well in our Nova Scotia climate. We look forward to doing business with you.

Wholesale Landscaping Material Prices:

Material Volume Per yard Cost + Tax
Dyed Red Mulch 60 yards $37.50/yard 2250.00 + 337.50 = 2587.50
Dyed Black Mulch 60 yards $35.50/yard 2130.00 + 319.50 = 2449.50
Regular Mulch 60 yards $32.50/yard 1950.00 + 292.50 = 2242.50
Topsoil 26 yards $20.69/yard 537.94 + 80.69 = 618.63
Compost 26 yards $23.81/yard 619.06 + 92.86 = 711.92
Sand 26 yards $22.23/yard 577.98 + 86.70 = 664.68
Garden Soil 26 yards $22.23 /yard 577.98 + 86.70 = 664.68

Landscaping Material Prices:

Materials Per Yard Tandem Trailer
Natural Mulch 39.00 720.00 2340.00
Red Mulch 47.00 880.00 2800.00
Black Mulch 46.00 870.00 2740.00
Topsoil 26.00 320.00 650.00
Compost Manure 27.00 330.00 675.00
Sand 23.00 280.00 575.00
Washed Sand 31.00 390.00 775.00
Garden Soil 30.00 380.00 780.00
Class A Gravel 34.50 *DoT *DoT
Clear Stone 34.50 *DoT *DoT
Crusher Dust 36.00 *DoT *DoT
Fill 5.00 60.00 125.00

Delivery charges extra – Contractors prices available call Mike @792-8068 for info Tandem – Mulch 19 yds – Soils 13yds / Trailer – Mulch 60 yds – Soil 26 yds

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R L Harvey's Service Station has an extensive history working in the greater New Port area and is ready to serve your landscaping needs.

We offer 24Hrs Emergency Services

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We offer 24Hrs Emergency Services

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